Session 47 Treasure

Magic Armour
+3 Hide armour with dragon bone +2 armour spikes
+3 Heavy steel shield

Wand of heroism (50 charges)

Ring of counterspells (enervation)

Wondrous Items
Bag of holding II
2 Salves of second chance
Belt of giant strength +2
Horseshoes of speed
Necklace of fireballs (type II)
Pearl of power (2nd level)
Jar of restorative ointment

898 pp
17,847 gp
35,425 sp
73,253 cp
Diamond (5000 gp)
2 Diamonds (2000 gp total)
Fire opal (1000 gp)
6 Violet garnets (3000 gp total)
Electrum-crown with blue star sapphire (4500 gp)
2 Ruby encrusted silver armbands (1850 gp)
Malachite-adorned gold necklace (1350 gp)

Session 47 Treasure

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