Lords of the Green

The Varnhold Vanishing - Session 33

21-30 Erastus, 1-12 Arodus, 4716 AR

  • The Greenlords return to Zelenoy following their meeting with the Nomen centaurs. They find the citizens of the realm slightly disappointed with their rulers’ penchant for adventure and travel, and decide to spend several weeks closer to home, attending to the needs of their young nation while deciding their next move to find, and hopefully save, the neighbouring realm of Varnhold.
  • While holding court in Winter’s Gate, the Lords and Ladies of Zelenoy hear many tales from the realm’s petitioners. Some come from the east, near the border with Varnhold and the northern arm of the Tors of Levenies mountains. These Zelenovites speak of the legendary black roc in the region. One citizen, an eccentric cook at the inn in Olegstaadt, petitions the Greenlords to obtain one of the roc’s eggs, with which he hopes to craft the nation’s largest omelet. Others speak of the wyverns and manticores that are a constant threat to livestock in the eastern region, and of their fears following the Varnhold vanishing. Another citizen, a wealthy noble now living in Olegstaadt, tells the Greenlords that his brother ventured east for Restov several weeks ago and hasn’t been heard from since. He fears the worst, and asks the Greenlords to search for him next time they venture east.
  • Zelenovites in the southern region, near Winter’s Gate, speak in hushed tones about the ruined tower on Candlemere Lake. Its proximity to Zelenoy makes many citizens nervous, and several speak of the ghostly lights seen floating on the isle. The Greenlords decide to explore the isle and tower and set their subjects minds at ease.

12 Arodus, 4716 AR

  • The Greenlords beach their folding boat on the shore and make their way to the ancient tower at the isle’s low summit. The way is slow, as much of the isle is overgrown with stinging, poisonous nettles. An unsettling feeling overcomes the adventurers as they draw close to the tower. Despite the daylight, the place seems suffused with an aura of fear. This sensation is most powerful at the tower site. The Greenlords resist the urge to run away and continue exploring the ruin. Faded runes in Aklo are evident on the walls; the group deciphers one name amidst the glyphs: Yog-Sothoth
  • Recalling the tales of eerie floating lights on the isle, Alys decides to cast a spell that reveals invisible creatures. As she completes the final intonation of the spell, four pale blue orbs of light are revealed. The will o’ wisps pulse with energy, feeding off the fear and loneliness that suffuses the place. The nimble creatures dart about the Greenlords, attacking with painful bursts of electrical energy. The group fights off waves of the wisps, managing to kill or drive off over a dozen of the alien creatures before they decide to make a tactical retreat.

13-16 Arodus, 4716 AR

  • The Greenlords return to Winter’s Gate, where they regroup and gather several commanders and seasoned veterans to accompany them back to the island. The Greenlords succeed in removing the will o’ wisp infestation from Candlemere Island, and with the help of Onora Goldenfields they manage to suppress the taint of fear. Both Alys and Onora still sense the presence of something at the site, however. Whether that is a general sense of unease about the tower’s original purpose or an indication that some power still remains at the site is unclear.

Session 33 Treasure
Session 33 XP



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