Lords of the Green

Rivers Run Red - Session 28

30 Arodus to 7 Rova, 4715 AR

  • The party explores the rest of the elven ruin. They encounter a stealthy grimstalker – a kind of evil, gaunt and sickly male elf fey creature – and its pet assassin vine amongst the underbrush in the courtyard. Kraig discovers an artful mithral statuette of a regal elven lady in one of the ruined towers. He considers smelting it down back at the smithy in Olegstaadt, but remembers how intent Variel is on finding a gift of elven art for his paramour (and business partner), Lily Teskertin, and hands the statuette to the elf.
  • The Greenlords head back to Olegstaadt, exploring some of the Narlmarches on the way. Back in their capital, the Greenlords oversee the completion of construction on the herbalist shop and several residences that were destroyed by the raging owlbear weeks ago.

Session 28 Treasure
Session 28 XP



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