Lords of the Green

Rivers Run Red - Session 14

Starday, 1 Neth 4713 AR

  • The Lords of the Green (as the citizens of Zelenoy have begun referring to their liege lords) successfully track down and kill Kundal the werewolf – formerly a barbarian of distant Numeria to the northwest. The Greenlords receive thanks and praise from the populace of Olegstaadt.
  • Later on in the month of Neth, Jhod Kavken appears at the town hall in Olegstaadt after several months in the Narlmarch Woods. Jhod tells a strange tale of his experience at the ancient temple of Erastil deep in the forest. His story is spotty at best, but he recalls being enticed into the deep cavern in the cliff at the back of the temple – now a fertile mass of vines, wood, and foliage that completely encroaches the cavern. Jhod describes being ‘taken’ by some fecund life force in the entanglement, and tending a green silken coccoon for some time before blacking out and wakening outside of the cave. He made his way back to inform the party of his experience, finding the old Trading Post quite changed since his departure.

Neth and Kuthona, 4714 AR
Abadius, Calistril, and Pharast, 4714 AR

  • Winter blankets the Barony of Zelenoy in snow and the citizens of Olegstaadt settle in for a long, cold season. Building and growth continues, albeit more slowly, in the town of Olegstaadt. The kobolds of the Sootscale mines south of Zelenoy pledge fealty and become official vassals of the barony. As the month of Pharast draws to an end, Zelenoy is favoured by an early spring thaw. The populace see this as a good omen, believing the realm and its rulers to be blessed by Abadar and Erastil.

Session 14 Treasure
Session 14 XP



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