Lords of the Green

Interim - Kingdom Expansion

Lamashan, 4717 AR, to 1 Sarenith, 4727 AR

The kingdom of Zelenoy continues to grow and expand, both physically and in influence among the River Kingdoms and Brevoy itself. Geographically, the borders of Zelenoy extend from Varnhold in the east to beyond Fort Drelev in the west, and from the borders of Rostland/Brevoy in the north to Mivon in the south.

Diplomatic overtures, alliances, trade agreements, and friendships are struck between Zelenoy and other kingdoms. These include the neighbouring kingdoms of Brevoy, Mivon, and Pitax, and River Kingdoms further afield like Touvette, elven Hymbria, the Oakstewards and fey of Sevenarches, and even the strange under-river merfolk-sahuagin realm of Outsea. Some of these agreements are strained and tenuous at best, particularly with nearby Pitax and with the anarchic nation of Daggermark, but the alliances remain nonetheless, at least for now.

The tension between Rostland and Brevoy boils over in several intense skirmishes during the ten-year period between 4717 and 4727, but full-blown civil war is thankfully averted. Zelenoy does not go unnoticed by either Brevoy or Rostland during this period. Resources among both factions are sufficiently stretched, however, that little action is taken against Zelenoy. The Aldori Swordlords of Restov maintain their stance of non-interference instituted following the first year of Zelenoy’s existence, although there is occasional contact between Alys Orlovsky and the Swordlord Florian Orlovsky, her uncle. By the spring of 4727, Brevoy has made several overtures to Zelenoy in the form of diplomatic envoys and trade agreements, perhaps acknowledging that allegiance with a strong lawful nation in the terminally-chaotic River Kingdoms is in Brevoy’s best interests.

Through deep study, long audiences with the fey of the Narlmarches, and the use of powerful divination magic – commune, legend lore, contact other plane, and so on – the Greenlords begin to peel back the layers of mystery around the fey-touched locks of hair retrieved from the Stag Lord and the owl bear cave so long ago. Details are scant, and at times contradictory (especially when it comes from the fey themselves), but themes begin to emerge, and with them a name, or names – Nyrissa, the Nymph Queen, The Count’s Last Mistress, Queen of Forgotten Time. Being a denizen of the First World, Nyrissa’s tale is not widely known even among gods and learned planeswalkers, but it is said that, millenia in the past, she fell in love with one of the Eldest of the First World, one Count Ranalc, and became emboldened by ambition and power when the Eldest (at least for a time) returned that affection. Nyrissa began thinking of herself as the newest of the Eldest, and sought to carve out her own realm in the First World. The Eldest did not respond well to this claim, and their judgement was swift. From Nyrissa, the Eldest tore out the capacity to love, and cast that most treasured of emotions into the Material Plane, forever out of her reach. Count Ranalc did not escape the Eldest’s judgement either; he was sent into exile in the Shadow Plane, and his name recedes from history.

How locks of hair belonging to Nyrissa the Nymph Queen, punished for slights against the Eldest of the First World thousands of years ago, fell into the hands of obscure bandit-lords and barbarians in the hinterlands of Golarion remains a mystery. The connection between the Stolen Lands and the First World is undeniable, however, and several of the fey of the Narlmarches whisper the name of Nyrissa with a fearful reverence, swearing that she lives still, with one single-minded obsession – the retrieval of her lost emotion: love.

Individual PC details over last 10 years to follow here:

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