Lords of the Green

Blood for Blood - Session 49

6 Erastus to end of Rova, 4717 AR

With the immediate threats of the Drelevs, Tiger Lords, and the dragons of the Hooktongue Slough dealt with, the Greenlords are free to govern the realm and continue expanding its borders during the summer of 4717 AR.

The Greenlords receive entreaties from citizens to deal with the black roc that lairs near Talon Peak in the Tors of Levenies mountains, within Zelenoy’s borders. Farmers and shepherds complain that the roc has been decimating livestock in the region, and hearing their pleas, the Greenlords head to Talon Peak on the western arm of the Tors overlooking Lake Silverstep. There they confront the great bird-of-prey in its aerie – a ruined elven tower perched on a treacherous tor. During the battle the roc’s eggs are, unfortunately, destroyed, but the beast will no longer terrorize Zelenoy’s livestock.

Following the encounter with the roc the Greenlords explore and map the region around Lake Silverstep – so named for the legend that the lake is in fact the footprint of a silver dragon deity. The group discovers a clutch of elemental mud-men in the pools northeast of the lake. The area’s remoteness means there is little chance the mud-men will cause any harm to the kingdom, so the Greenlords leave the strange creatures in peace.

Through the late summer and early fall the Greenlords continue to solidify their hold on the western borders of their realm. Knowing the difficulties the citizens of Fort Drelev have been experiencing with a particularly aggressive tribe of boggards in the Hooktongue Slough just east of the settlement, the group decides to speak with the lone boggard resident in the Narlmarches forest to learn more about the tribe. Garuum, an unusual boggard for his apparent disdain of violence, is more than willing to provide the Greenlords with information on the tribe – its name (M’botuu), location, leader, and composition – in exchange for a promise of protection from overzealous residents of nearby Tatzleford. Armed with this information, the Greenlords meet with Viceroy Numesti in Fort Drelev before rowing across the Hooktongue to confront the M’botuu tribe on its home turf. There they rescue one of the boggards’ prisoners, an intelligent six-legged beetle-like creature called a bog strider, naming itself Ka-Kekt, and later face the tribe’s embattled priest-king, Sepoko. The Greenlords learn that Sepoko has forsaken the boggards’ foul goddess, Gogunta, for a creature called Ngara, whom he also refers to as the “Legless Lady”. The group manages to turn most of the M’botuu tribe against Sepoko, and leave the tribe with a new leader in place, supplicant to the Greenlords.

Session 49 Treasure

Session 49 XP



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