Session 67 Treasure

Briar grows in power with the defeat of Ilthuliak, gaining 1 sharpness points (for a total of 9).

+4 Intelligent (speech) cold iron bastard sword
Alignment CN; Ego 10; Senses 60 ft., darkvision
Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 16
Communication empathy, speech
Languages Aklo, Common, Sylvan
Powers 3/day barkskin (wielder only), blight (as a swift action on creature struck in combat)

Ilthuliak’s Horde

Magic Armour
+2 Mithral buckler of determination
+1 Darkwood heavy shield of reflecting

Magic Weapon
Spirit blade

10 Potions of cure serious wounds

Ring of wizardry III
Ring of evasion

Staff of toxins

Wondrous Items
Cloak of the bat
Gem of seeing
Eyes of eyebite
Orb of utter chaos
Mantle of faith

Lesser Artifact
Hammer of Thunderbolts

855,600 cp
72,300 sp
17,925 gp
1,860 pp
Diamond (worth 10,000 gp)
Other gems and jewels (worth 26,000 gp)

Session 67 Treasure

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