Session 59 Treasure

Irovetti’s and Engeledis’ Treasure

Briar – bastard sword +4

Numerian Technology
Rod of razors
Mindrender baton

Magic Armour
+5 Moderate fortification mithral breastplate

4 Potions of lesser restoration

Scroll of restoration

Wand of hold monster (12 charges)

Wondrous Items
Amulet of natural armour 5
Boots of speed
Cloak of resistance +5
Ring of protection +5
Pink and green ioun stone (
2 Charisma)
Spell storing amulet of mighty fists +1 (hideous laughter)

Gems and coins worth 14,750 gp

Remaining Treasure from Avinash Jurrg, Alasen the weretiger, Gedovius the gargoyle, Tolg Koth, and throughout the palace

Magic Armour
+4 Leather armour
+5 Moderate fortification hide armour
+4 Studded leather armour
+2 Mithral breastplate (large)

Magic Weapons
1 Vicious greataxe
+2 Keen greatsword (large)
+1 Composite longbow (
9 Str, large)

3 Potions of barkskin +5

Ring of protection +1
Ring of protection +2
Ring of protection +3
Ring of invisibility

Wondrous Items
Belt of physical might +2 (Str and Dex)
Amulet of mighty fists +1
Brooch of shielding
Amulet of natural armour +2
Cloak of resistance +2

Gems, art, coins, etc. worth 20,000 gp

Session 59 Treasure

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