Session 43 Treasure

13 Masterwork longswords
13 Masterwork composite shortbows (+3 Str)
3 Masterwork throwing axes
Masterwork dagger

13 Masterwork breastplates
13 Masterwork heavy steel shields

Magic Weapon
+2 Defending longsword

Magic Armour
+4 Mithral agile breastplate

2 Rings of protection +2
Ring of evasion (match to Tiger Lord ring of swimming; both can be worn as a single ring)

Staff of fire (10 charges)

Rod of splendor

Wondrous Items
Belt of physical might +4 (Str and Con)
Cloak of resistance +2
Cloak of resistance +3
Stone of alarm

Fort Drelev Treasure
200 pp
1636 gp
2460 sp
815 cp
30 Silver ingots bearing Drelev’s seal (worth 750 gp total)
Pavetta’s wardrobe (worth 5000 gp)
Hannis’ wine collection (119 bottles worth 6000 gp)
Yellow topaz (750 gp)
Deep blue spinel (600 gp)
Amethyst (450 gp)
Chrysoberyl (150 gp)
5 Freshwater pearls (750 gp total)
9 Moonstones (675 gp total)
Golden circlet (1125 gp)
Pavetta’s gold and mithral necklace (1500 gp)

Other Treasure
Imeckus Stroon’s spellbooks
Tiger Lord barrow mound artifacts (worth 3750 gp)

Session 43 Treasure

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