Session 38 Treasure

Magic Weapon
+1 Cold iron magical beast bane flail (returned to Xamanthe)

Scroll of enervation

Ring of friend shield (matching pair)
2 Rings of protection +2

Rod of lesser bouncing metamagic

Wondrous Items
All tools vest
Unfettered shirt
Sheath of bladestealth
Belt of mighty constitution +4
Bracers of armour +4
Cloak of resistance +3
Cloak of resistance +1
Dark blue rhomboid ioun stone
Headband of mental prowess +2 (Int, Cha, Knowledge [planes])
Lyre of building
Gloves of swimming and climbing
3 packages of Dust of dryness

Minor Artifact
Oculus of Abaddon

1710 pp
19,500 gp
154,500 sp
Art and jewelry worth 29250 gp

Session 38 Treasure

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