Session 31 Treasure

11 Masterwork small halberds (worth 1705gp)
11 Masterwork small heavy crossbows (worth 1925gp)

Magic Weapons
Small greatclub 1 (worth 1152.5gp)
Small seeking heavy crossbow +1 (worth 4175gp)
Defending longsword +2 (Maegar Varn’s, worth 9157.5gp)
Thundering composite longbow +2 (
4 Str, worth 9400gp)
Morningstar +1 (worth 1154gp)

Magic Armour
Small mithral agile breastplate +1 (worth 775gp)

8 Potions of cure light wounds (worth 200gp)
2 Potions of water breathing (worth 750gp)

3 Scrolls of cure serious wounds (worth 562.5gp)
3 Scrolls of remove paralysis (worth 225gp)
Scroll of break enchantment (worth 562.5gp)
Scroll of breath of life (worth 562.5gp)
Scroll of raise dead (worth 5562.5gp)

Ring of friend shield (half of a pair)

Wand of spectral hand (17 charges, worth 2040gp)

Wondrous Item
Bag of holding, type IV (worth 5000gp)

Assorted gems and jewelry (spriggan’s) – 550gp
Coins and jewelry (Varnhold’s) – 6000gp
Payroll coffer (Varnhold’s) – 500gp
Assorted gems (spriggan’s) – 5500gp
Set of flagons and platters (wedding gift for King Noleski Surtova’s daughter, Varnhold’s) – 300 gp
Ervil Pendrod’s books (Secrets of the Rakshalka Mounds, Iobarian Prehistory, The Centaur Skyles of Central Casmaron, The Untold Heritage of the Taldan Armies of Exploration, etc.) – value unknown, marked with the sigil of the Kitharodian Academy
Pendrod’s masterwork viola – value unknown, marked with the sigil of master craftsman Azores of Wispil
Supplies from Varnhold’s stockade and keep – 1 Build Point
Spellbook pages (Cephal Lorentus’ ruined spellbook) – bear’s endurance, comprehend languages, flaming sphere, keen edge, mount, tiny hut
Map of region near Varnhold

Session 31 Treasure

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