Kingdom Building Rules


Kingdom building is a central theme of the Kingmaker campaign. Developing your fledgling demesne from a rugged frontier settlement to a (hopefully) mighty nation powerful enough to challenge neighbouring River Kingdoms will take wits, diplomacy, strength of arms, and the occasional headsman’s axe. There are a host of rules for the kingdom building portion of this campaign, described in the links below in as much detail as necessary.

Kingdom building progresses on a monthly cycle. Each month consists of four phases: Upkeep, Improvement, Income and Event. During the Upkeep phase the treasury pays its debts, the security services make their reports, and craftsmen make new magic items available. During the Improvement phase the rulers make their decisions: changing leaders; claiming new land; making improvements in the form of new cities, new buildings in existing cities, roads, and farmland; and changing the government’s general approach towards governing the kingdom. During the Income phase the rulers can make deposits into or withdrawals from the treasury, and collect taxes. Finally, during the Event phase, stuff happens.

Kingdom Terminology
Ruling a Kingdom
Leadership Roles
Building Cities
Building Types
Terrain Improvements
Special Resources
Losing Hexes
Kingdom Sheet

Kingdom Building Rules

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