Lords of the Green

War of the River Kings - Session 55

15 to 16 Sarenith, 4727 AR

  • The Greenlords return to Winter’s Gate with Gaetane and the other Pitaxian prisoners. Through interrogation the Greenlord’s determine that love for King Irovetti is in short supply in Pitax. Even some of the Pitax warden prisoners, Irovetti’s elite guard, confess to secretly wishing the duplicitous ruler would abdicate.
  • The group then teleports back to Whiterose Abbey to explore the vineyard’s subterranean level, curious about the information gathered about the place using legend lore spells and news from Gaetane that, although Irovetti was not developing a secret weapon at the location, he did retrieve a powerful artifact from the pool under the abbey.
  • The Greenlords find the hidden pool deep within the hillside – a disorienting, magic-rich location of phosphorescent fungi and moulds and dancing lights upon the ceiling reminiscent of starlight. The mould and fungi sways in unnatural ways, moving seemingly of their own accord. Likewise, the stars on the ceiling 30 feet above meander lazily through the air, pulsating and occasionally flaring to brilliance. A stone font rests at the centre of the fungi-covered island in the middle of the pool, surrounded by old wine casks and barrels.
  • Alys uses a control water spell to first raise then lower the water in the pool, washing away much of the mould on the island’s floor but leaving a slick surface. As the water drains away, the dancing lights – will o’ wisps Mistral announces to the rest of the party – on the ceiling flare to life and accelerate towards the Greenlords, sparks and bolts of electricity flashing between them. The Greenlords are well protected against the will o’ wisps’ electrical attacks and pay the creatures little mind. As the will o’ wisps rush to attack, the ghostly form of the abbey’s murderous halfling gardener materializes before the group. A maniacal laugh escapes the ghost’s lips, and its eyes burn with an intense blue light. The gardener’s ghost vexes the Greenlords for some time, casting quickened spells and dashing in with flurries of attacks that drain the life from those they hit. Eventually the gardener is defeated, its ghost temporarily banished.
  • Knowing they must destroy or somehow defeat whatever fetish the ghost is tied to before it materializes again, the Greenlords search the underground cave and island thoroughly. In one of the large wine casks they discover a halfling-sized nook, including a small bed laden with dusty furs and an intricate water clock. Mistral detects something within the water clock, an aura and presence quite chaotic and fey in nature. The Greenlords release the water from the device, which coalesces into a breathtakingly beautiful nude woman with pale skin, pointed ears, dark hair, and webbed fingers and toes – the legendary water spirit of Whiterose Abbey. Evindra thanks the Greenlords profusely, and accepts a cloak from Kraig. She tells the Greenlords that her purpose here was to guard a sword named Briar, a precious artifact that is the physical manifestation of the nymph queen Nyrissa’s lost emotion – love. Briar was stolen from her by a man matching the description of King Irovetti. As Evindra tells her story, her skin takes on a translucent sheen and she begins to look weak. She looks around in panic and asks if any of the Greenlords has seen her shawl. When they reply in the negative, she begs them desperately to retrieve it, assuming Irovetti took it as well. Weakened without her shawl, Evindra falls unconscious before she can tell them any more about Nyrissa and the sword, Briar.

Session 55 Treasure
Session 55 XP

War of the River Kings - Session 54

15 Sarenith, 4727 AR

  • The Lords of the Green depart for Whiterose Abbey on the evening of the 15th, using powerful teleportation magic to transport them instantly to the abbey grounds. They find themselves standing outside a low stone wall surrounding the hill on which Whiterose Abbey sits. The hill has grown wild since the abbey’s desertion; the moonlight reveals some patches of white roses still growing on the hill, but it is mostly a tangle of briar and vegetation choking out the old grape vines. A path leads up the hill about a quarter mile to the abbey, where dim lights can be seen flickering in several windows.
  • Nisha flies above the site to get a closer look. She notices torchlight both in the abbey and the bell tower nearby, but little else amongst the tangled vines choking the hill.
  • The Greenlords start up the path towards the abbey. The air within the stone wall is unnaturally humid and heavy. The vegetation seems to whisper in low susurrus, unnerving in the otherwise still air, and languid fireflies light the darkness in sickly green and pus-coloured motes.
  • Whiterose Abbey itself is silent. Torches flicker in several windows, and Mistral senses magical auras within the abbey, but none are there to meet the Greenlords. Evidence of activity is apparent by the many footprints on the path and in the plaza. On their guard, the Greenlords venture into the abbey, and through the narthex into the main sanctuary, where the trap is sprung! The back wall of the vestry comes down in a shower of stone, and the party is ambushed by a squad of Pitax soldiers (eight wardens and four heralds) led by a wererat ranger hiding up in the rafters of the sanctuary. With the wall down, two huge shambling mounds arise out of the grave earth in the cemetery and lumber into the sanctuary to attack. Finally, as the battle is well underway, another ambusher joins the fight – a human woman who announces herself with a painful chain lightning spell that courses thruugh each of the Greenlords.
  • The fight is hard-fought, but eventually the Greenlords get the upper hand. The human sorcerer manages to get away, while the wererat ranger and most of the Pitax wardens and heralds are captured alive. The Greenlords gather them all in the sanctuary to face questions.

Session 54 Treasure
Session 54 XP

War of the River Kings - Session 53

9 to 14 Sarenith, 4727 AR

  • Kraig ventures into the Narlmarches to meet with the Tyressia the dryad and Melianse the nixie to inform them about Nyrissa and gain whatever knowledge he can. Kraig learns a bit about the Thousand Voices forest northwest of Pitax – a tangled, dark, fecund forest where the boundaries between this world and the First World are very thin. The fey tell him that evil, twisted unseelie fey are common in Thousand Voices. He learns about the Weeping Trees – once widespread in the forest – and the so-called Castle of Knives, a ruined fantastical castle that seems to never exist in the same place twice.
  • Nisha revels in her growing powers and becomes even more of an oddity in Zelenoy when she decides to surround herself with compliant swarms of centipedes, army ants, and vermin. Zelenovites give her a wide berth. She attempts to kidnap King Irovetti through clever use of the Visions of Doom and Dominate Person spells, but the ruthless fighter/bard and ruler of Pitax manages to resist the witch’s temptations. Nisha lets her anger boil over and takes the fight directly to Pitax. Flying north of Pitax in the form of a northern goshawk, Nisha spots two armies camped on the plains, including a 1000-man horde consisting primarily of Tiger Lord barbarians, and a smaller 500-man army just east of the Rushlight festival grounds. Nisha conducts a night-time airstrike on the 500-man army using her magic to summon five rampaging, fiendish triceratops in the midst of the sleeping men. Terror and chaos ensues, and by the time it’s all over the army is essentially defeated.
  • Kreeger interrogates several of the Tiger Lord barbarians captured during the battle. The barbarians are highly distrustful of the half-orc – awed on one hand by the sword at his belt and suspicious on the other on the half-orc’s refusal to embrace the destiny inherent in the sword. Kreeger learns from Nisha that the main horde of Tiger Lord barbarians under Irovetti’s sway is camped northwest of Pitax, led by none other than Villamore Koth, and decides to attempt to sway the barbarians to Zelenoy’s cause when he gets the chance.
  • Mistral assists Nisha in her attempts to kidnap Irovetti. Failing that, the sylph aeromancer spends three days casting a lengthy legend lore spell, and learns some details about King Irovetti. Legends regarding his early life are non-existent. The name Castruccio Irovetti first appears in the River Kingdoms nearly 30 years ago, when Irovetti was in his early 20s and became known for selling rare technological artifacts – items more commonly associated with the Technic League in mysterious Numeria. He disappears from memory for a time, then resurfaces in Pitax some years later, aggressively acquiring real estate – warehouses, estates, and so on. He famously wrested control of Pitax from its leaders, the brothers Lothaire and Beregar, in a game of chance. The brothers entered one of Irovetti’s many estates for a card game one evening and Irovetti emerged the next morning with a signed document legally handing over all of the possessions of the ruling family to him, including the crown of Pitax. Since that time Irovetti has attempted to make Pitax a centre of art and culture, but under his uncertain hand the place has become instead a hotbed of lies and deception, whose bards have elevated rumour and slander to an art, and where a warm smile or kind word precedes a dirk in the back.
  • Torgrim spends his time tracking down stray trolls from the defeated troll horde, protecting outlying Zelenovite farms and ensuring stability in the countryside.
  • Yetar ferrets out Pitaxian sympathizers (very few) and a few Pitaxian soldiers who managed to hideout in Black Dragon’s Rest. Meanwhile, he receives word from the Lady Quintessa Maray (part of his spy network) that her bard contacts in Pitax have heard rumours of a secret weapon being developed by Irovetti at a place called Whiterose Abbey. If the spies are correct, Irovetti believes he has developed a way to create a mass cloudkill effect using a modified horn of fog, the talents of a master poisoner from Daggermark, and a magical font said to lie within the abandoned abbey. Nisha recalls several details about Whiterose Abbey – that it rests in the shadow of Mount Branthlend and was originally built by the church of Cayden Cailean, but has been abandoned for decades. The priests there were renowned vintners and brewers, blessed by Cayden Cailean for their vow of silence, and any liquid brewed in their blessed vats gained unusual potency and marvelous flavour. Rumour has it a beautiful water spirit dwelt in a subterranean pool somewhere below the abbey, and it was through her grace and advice that the priests were able to make such legendary wines. The last abbot of Whiterose Abbey is said to have been murdered by the abbey’s gardener, who then poisoned the other brethren. The gardener supposedly practiced dark magic in the vineyard and was heard to rave about the “voices of the stars.”
  • Alys spends the week marshalling forces to march against Pitax, aiding the citizens of Black Dragon’s Rest to rebuild homes and buildings damaged during the recent attack, and making plans to mount a tactical assault on Whiterose Abbey to retrieve Irovetti’s weapon of mass destruction.

Session 53 XP

War of the River Kings - Session 52

9 Sarenith, 4727 AR

  • The morning of 9th Sarenith dawns dark and heavy. Thunder rolls across the sky followed by broad swaths of rain. The Pitax army arrives at the gates of Black Dragon’s Rest with a thunderous roar of their own – 2000 men supported by several hundred troll marauders march upon the city.
  • The garrison and militias of Black Dragon’s Rest welcome Pitax with volley after volley of arrows and bolts, punctuated by deafening claps of catapult fire. The defenders of Black Dragon’s Rest keep the enemy at bay for a time, but the weather works against them, and several troops of men and trolls manage to use the rain and fog to their advantage, getting dangerously close to the city gates. The Greenlords respond to the most immediate threats personally, first taking on three troops of men wheeling two catapults into position, then stopping a horde of trolls charging the front gate with a forty-foot long iron-shod battering ram.
  • The Greenlords face volleys of crossbow bolts fired by the troops manning the catapults. Kreeger crews a catapult of his own, with the help of Kraig and several city militia. Nisha summons a rampaging triceratops into the troops’ midst, while Mistral blankets the enemy with a wall of fire. Yetar, meanwhile, sneaks about the battlefield outside the city walls, tossing beads from his necklace of fireballs into the closest troops, and Alys uses magic to animate the enemy’s catapults and force them to attack their own crews. Torgrim practices his aim by tossing his returning hammer into the troops, bashing heads and shattering limbs.
  • Just as the catapult troops are nearing decimation, Kraig moves to the walls above the front gate just in time to notice the charging troll horde. Leading the troll horde is a massive troll fighter wielding a deadly ranseur, bellowing orders at his men and whipping those carrying the massive battering ram into moving faster. The rest of the Greenlords move into position and focus their attacks on the troll leader. Nisha orders the triceratops into the midst of the horde in an attempt to stop it before it reaches the gate, while Mistral lays down fire upon the trolls to keep them from regenerating their wounds. As the troll horde comes within 40 feet of the gate, Kreeger and Kraig jump to the ground and brace themselves against the oncoming assault. As the trolls slam into their spears, the two half-orcs are thrown backward and attacked mercilessly. Miraculously, their efforts slow the charging horde down enough that Nisha, Mistral, Alys, Torgrim, and Yetar are able to take down enough of the trolls that the remaining few scatter, leaving the gates to Black Dragon’s Rest intact.
  • No sooner is the troll horde defeated than the Greenlords start receiving reports from runners of a commotion on the south side of the city. The group teleports to the docks to find their boggard allies in turmoil. The frogmen who were defending the water side of the city charge out of the water at full speed. The water begins to froth and boil, and those boggards not fortunate enough to escape are tossed about like confetti. A 12-headed hydra emerges from the churning water, shambling up onto the docks leaving dead boggards and city guards in its wake. The Greenlords rush forward to confront the towering beast; Kraig, Kreeger, Yetar, Mistral, Torgrim, and Alys dig in for a tough fight. That is, until Nisha charms the monster with a single spell and stops its rampage before it began. Seeing that her hold on the hydra’s emotions is tenuous at best, Nisha decides it best to get the creature as far away from Black Dragon’s Rest quickly as possible, and compels the creature to head back to its lair in the Hooktongue Slough, to be dealt with by the Greenlords at a later date.
  • The battle continues for some time after that, but the immediate threat to Black Dragon’s Rest is dealt with, and it is only a matter of time before the Pitaxian army is routed. The Greenlords to get look at the army’s general, an ogre mage dressed in red lacquered armour that stands out against the regular infantry like a sore thumb. The oni teleports away from the battle before the Greenlords get a chance to act against it, and the rest of the Pitaxian army retreats or surrenders after that.

Session 52 XP
Session 52 Treasure

War of the River Kings - Session 51

3rd to 8th Sarenith, 4727 AR

  • On the second night of the festival, after the archery competition, the Greenlords host a boisterous gathering in their pavilion. Many competitors attend, and Kreeger finds an unexpected lady-friend in a cleric of Gorum competing for the nation of Tymon. Most surprisingly, an old friend – former treasurer Nisha – shows up at the party, striking up conversation with Alys, Kraig, and Mistral as if she hadn’t been gone for the last 12 years.
  • The Greenlords compete in the remaining three contests over the next four days of the festival. These include a test of strength in which Kreeger hacks his way through five foot-thick logs in less than a minute for the win; a boasting challenge that Alys narrowly loses to the Pitaxian Annamede Belavarah; and finally the drunken midnight joust, in which the Pitaxian barbarian Villamore Koth is unseated and soundly defeated in melee by Kraig.
  • The Greenlords are presented with the grand prize, a rod of lordly might, by King Irovetti. The festivities continue into the early morning hours, during which time Yetar listens to the loose tongues of drunken nobles, hearing a rumour that armies have been seen amassing to the north. Whether they are Brevosi, Rostlander, or Pitaxian none seem to know. The situation becomes more alarming when Yetar hears word that Irovetti and his retinue have suddenly vanished from the festival grounds, news that is confirmed when the fetchling snoops around the royal pavilion.
  • As the day after the festival dawns and festival-goers slowly begin to roust themselves, the Greenlords receive troubling news from Councilor Svetlana via magical sending: armies flying the flag of Pitax have been spotted approaching Black Dragon’s Rest (formerly Fort Drelev) from the northwest. The Greenlords teleport back to Zelenoy (leaving the Royal Guard to return on foot) – first to Winter’s Gate to confer with advisers and then on to Black Dragon’s Rest to meet the oncoming army. Reconnaissance by Nisha and Mistral confirm the worst – the Pitaxian army is huge. The main army consists of at least 20,000 men led by a 10-foot-tall ogre mage dressed in lacquered armour. Scouting ahead of the main army are 100 or more troll marauders, some mounted on mammoths, others bearing massive battering rams. Nisha and Mistral return with the news and the Greenlords marshall the defenses of Black Dragon’s Nest.

Session 51 XP
Session 51 Treasure

War of the River Kings - Session 50

1 Sarenith, 4727 AR

  • A messenger from the neighbouring kingdom of Pitax arrives late in the day with an invitation from King Castruccio Irovetti to attend his annual Rushlight Tournament.
  • The Lords of the Green discuss amongst themselves, and although suspicious of Irovetti’s intentions, agree to attend the festival.

2 Sarenith to 22nd Sarenith, 4727 AR

  • The Greenlords travel to the Rushlight Tournament in style. They are welcomed at the tournament grounds a dozen miles north of PItax with much fanfare, and have a brief audience with King Irovetti (Mistral takes note of the two Numerian artifacts in his possession in particular).
  • The Greenlords spend the first day of the festival (midsummer day) exploring the grounds, taking in several enterntainments, and acquainting themselves with the events and competition. Kraig visits the Menagerie and has an unsettling conversation with the zoo’s owner.
  • The second day of the tournament kicks of the events proper, starting with an archery competition. Yetar steps up to represent Zelenoy. Uncomfortable in the spotlight, the fetchling puts in a valiant effort but is unable to score a win for the Greenlords.

Session 50 XP

Interim - Kingdom Expansion

Lamashan, 4717 AR, to 1 Sarenith, 4727 AR

The kingdom of Zelenoy continues to grow and expand, both physically and in influence among the River Kingdoms and Brevoy itself. Geographically, the borders of Zelenoy extend from Varnhold in the east to beyond Fort Drelev in the west, and from the borders of Rostland/Brevoy in the north to Mivon in the south.

Diplomatic overtures, alliances, trade agreements, and friendships are struck between Zelenoy and other kingdoms. These include the neighbouring kingdoms of Brevoy, Mivon, and Pitax, and River Kingdoms further afield like Touvette, elven Hymbria, the Oakstewards and fey of Sevenarches, and even the strange under-river merfolk-sahuagin realm of Outsea. Some of these agreements are strained and tenuous at best, particularly with nearby Pitax and with the anarchic nation of Daggermark, but the alliances remain nonetheless, at least for now.

The tension between Rostland and Brevoy boils over in several intense skirmishes during the ten-year period between 4717 and 4727, but full-blown civil war is thankfully averted. Zelenoy does not go unnoticed by either Brevoy or Rostland during this period. Resources among both factions are sufficiently stretched, however, that little action is taken against Zelenoy. The Aldori Swordlords of Restov maintain their stance of non-interference instituted following the first year of Zelenoy’s existence, although there is occasional contact between Alys Orlovsky and the Swordlord Florian Orlovsky, her uncle. By the spring of 4727, Brevoy has made several overtures to Zelenoy in the form of diplomatic envoys and trade agreements, perhaps acknowledging that allegiance with a strong lawful nation in the terminally-chaotic River Kingdoms is in Brevoy’s best interests.

Through deep study, long audiences with the fey of the Narlmarches, and the use of powerful divination magic – commune, legend lore, contact other plane, and so on – the Greenlords begin to peel back the layers of mystery around the fey-touched locks of hair retrieved from the Stag Lord and the owl bear cave so long ago. Details are scant, and at times contradictory (especially when it comes from the fey themselves), but themes begin to emerge, and with them a name, or names – Nyrissa, the Nymph Queen, The Count’s Last Mistress, Queen of Forgotten Time. Being a denizen of the First World, Nyrissa’s tale is not widely known even among gods and learned planeswalkers, but it is said that, millenia in the past, she fell in love with one of the Eldest of the First World, one Count Ranalc, and became emboldened by ambition and power when the Eldest (at least for a time) returned that affection. Nyrissa began thinking of herself as the newest of the Eldest, and sought to carve out her own realm in the First World. The Eldest did not respond well to this claim, and their judgement was swift. From Nyrissa, the Eldest tore out the capacity to love, and cast that most treasured of emotions into the Material Plane, forever out of her reach. Count Ranalc did not escape the Eldest’s judgement either; he was sent into exile in the Shadow Plane, and his name recedes from history.

How locks of hair belonging to Nyrissa the Nymph Queen, punished for slights against the Eldest of the First World thousands of years ago, fell into the hands of obscure bandit-lords and barbarians in the hinterlands of Golarion remains a mystery. The connection between the Stolen Lands and the First World is undeniable, however, and several of the fey of the Narlmarches whisper the name of Nyrissa with a fearful reverence, swearing that she lives still, with one single-minded obsession – the retrieval of her lost emotion: love.

Individual PC details over last 10 years to follow here:

Interim XP

Blood for Blood - Session 49

6 Erastus to end of Rova, 4717 AR

With the immediate threats of the Drelevs, Tiger Lords, and the dragons of the Hooktongue Slough dealt with, the Greenlords are free to govern the realm and continue expanding its borders during the summer of 4717 AR.

The Greenlords receive entreaties from citizens to deal with the black roc that lairs near Talon Peak in the Tors of Levenies mountains, within Zelenoy’s borders. Farmers and shepherds complain that the roc has been decimating livestock in the region, and hearing their pleas, the Greenlords head to Talon Peak on the western arm of the Tors overlooking Lake Silverstep. There they confront the great bird-of-prey in its aerie – a ruined elven tower perched on a treacherous tor. During the battle the roc’s eggs are, unfortunately, destroyed, but the beast will no longer terrorize Zelenoy’s livestock.

Following the encounter with the roc the Greenlords explore and map the region around Lake Silverstep – so named for the legend that the lake is in fact the footprint of a silver dragon deity. The group discovers a clutch of elemental mud-men in the pools northeast of the lake. The area’s remoteness means there is little chance the mud-men will cause any harm to the kingdom, so the Greenlords leave the strange creatures in peace.

Through the late summer and early fall the Greenlords continue to solidify their hold on the western borders of their realm. Knowing the difficulties the citizens of Fort Drelev have been experiencing with a particularly aggressive tribe of boggards in the Hooktongue Slough just east of the settlement, the group decides to speak with the lone boggard resident in the Narlmarches forest to learn more about the tribe. Garuum, an unusual boggard for his apparent disdain of violence, is more than willing to provide the Greenlords with information on the tribe – its name (M’botuu), location, leader, and composition – in exchange for a promise of protection from overzealous residents of nearby Tatzleford. Armed with this information, the Greenlords meet with Viceroy Numesti in Fort Drelev before rowing across the Hooktongue to confront the M’botuu tribe on its home turf. There they rescue one of the boggards’ prisoners, an intelligent six-legged beetle-like creature called a bog strider, naming itself Ka-Kekt, and later face the tribe’s embattled priest-king, Sepoko. The Greenlords learn that Sepoko has forsaken the boggards’ foul goddess, Gogunta, for a creature called Ngara, whom he also refers to as the “Legless Lady”. The group manages to turn most of the M’botuu tribe against Sepoko, and leave the tribe with a new leader in place, supplicant to the Greenlords.

Session 49 Treasure

Session 49 XP

Blood for Blood - Sessions 45 to 48

22 Gozran, 4717 AR

The Greenlords fight their way through the tomb of the ancient barbarian warlord Armag, facing off first against a trio of the twice-born Armag’s so-called Black Sisters – black-garbed and shrouded women whom the Greenlords discover to be worshippers of the obscure demon lord Shump. They continue deeper into the complex, encountering various traps and obstacles, including an iron golem crafted as a representation of the god Gorum and a small army of skeletal champions, before coming to the tomb’s inner sanctum. There they encounter the ageless divine guardian of the tomb – a cleric of Gorum called Zorek. Zorek challenges the Greenlords to prove their strength and right to seek Ovinrbaane. Satisfied with Kraig’s display, and the half-orc’s gesture of respect for the Tiger Lord barbarians by handing over the interlocking Tiger Lord rings of swimming and evasion, Zorek lets the Greenlords pass.

They come next upon a gruesome scene – a huge chamber lit by flickering braziers filled with the stench of decay, the violently-hacked bodies of a dozen men strewn about the chamber. Standing amidst the carnage, seeming to commune with a massive greatsword held in both hands, is Armag the Twice-Born, accompanied by ten skeletal champions. Armag is a huge brute of a man, heavily-muscled, bearded, wearing spiked armour splattered with the blood of the slain men. Armag roars a gutteral curse in Hallit and attacks the Greenlords for intruding on his meditations. Fierce combat ensues. Kreeger takes several hard hits from Armag, and the barbarian lord seems to have some protection against Mistral’s and Alys’ magical attacks, perhaps from Ovinrbaane. It is a hard fight, one that becomes more difficult when Zorek joins the battle against the Greenlords, but the rulers of Zelenoy are eventually victorious against the Tiger Lord, his skeletal retinue, and Gorum’s divine champion.

Following the battle, the group explores the tomb of the original Armag and discovers a hidden treasure hoard beyond the barbarian lord’s sepulcher. Meanwhile, Kreeger can’t resist the allure of Armag’s sword, Ovinrbaane. The half-orc claims Ovinrbaane for himself, and during the night is beset by restless dreams and visions of events long since settled in the dust of history – visions of the ancient Armag’s conquests on the field of battle. Upon awakening, Kreeger the half-orc becomes increasingly convinced that the visions were of himself, in a past life as the Tiger Lord barbarian Armag, and that his Greenlord comrades are second comings of Armag’s Tiger Lord kin. When Alys and Kraig confront Kreeger later in the day on his strange behaviour, however, the half-orc begins to suspect that they may be charlatans in Tiger Lord guise. Ovinrbaane compels Kreeger to attack Alys and Kraig for their betrayal, but the half-orc is no match for the combined efforts of Alys, Kraig, Mistral, Yetar, and Torgrim. The other Greenlords manage to disarm Kreeger and secret the sword away in a bag of holding. Kreeger passes out for several minutes. When he comes to he remembers vague details of his actions while wielding Ovinrbaane, but is left with a sensation of being betrayed by the god Gorum, a feeling that the mind-controlling sword is antithetical to Gorum’s teachings. The Greenlords depart the Tomb of Armag at this point, returning with haste to Fort Drelev and then on to Olegstaadt.

23 Gozran to 6 Erastus, 4717 AR

The Greenlords return to the business of ruling Zelenoy: hearing petitioners, entertaining dignitaries, visiting the neighbouring city-state of Mivon, and so on. Summer arrives in the Stolen Lands and with it new troubles. Late in the month of Sarenith the kingdom’s vassal Fort Drelev experiences several cases of fouled or poisoned water. Local swampers tell of dragon sightings, and the Greenlords suspect the pair of black dragons they saw months earlier might be to blame for the fouled water. Using magic to scry on the dragons, the Greenlords teleport into the pair’s water lair within the Hooktongue Slough and take the dragons by surprise. Caught unawares in their lair, the two black dragons aren’t able to overcome the six Greenlords and are removed as a threat to the kingdom. Fort Drelev and Zelenoy rejoice when the Greenlords return with the dead black dragons in tow.

Session 45 Treasure
Session 46 Treasure
Session 47 Treasure
Session 48 Treasure

Session 45 XP
Session 46 XP
Session 48 XP

Blood for Blood - Sessions 43 and 44

17-22 Gozran, 4717 AR

Although the odds are stacked against them, the Greenlords’ superior skill and tactics spell the end for Drelev and his men. The baron puts up a spirited, if belligerent, defence, but Kraig manages to restrain the arrogant bastard and place him in chains. With Drelev defeated, the remaining Pitax mercenaries turn and flee.

Yetar finds the “Lady” Quintessa Maray in a boudoir in the upper level of the keep. He reassures her that the Greenlords mean her no harm. Quintessa confesses that she has been, for all intents and purposes, a hostage of the baron’s, and thanks the spymaster for his assistance.

Pavetta Stroon-Drelev is also found on the upper level, clutching her barking dog to her chest when Alys and Kreeger break into her room. The baroness surrenders readily, insisting that the problems at Fort Drelev rest solely on her husband. Alys doesn’t believe a word, and asks Kreeger to keep Pavetta bound while she makes a pronouncement to the city from the keep’s parapet. Using magic to enhance her voice, Alys declares to the citizens of Fort Drelev that they have been freed from the yoke of the baron and his cruel wife, that those who have subjugated them for so long will face justice, and that they have the nation of Zelenoy to thank for their newfound liberation.

Over the next several days the Greenlords meet with key contacts in Fort Drelev and attempt to keep order in the tumultuous town. Satinder Morne, proprietor of the town’s brothel, the Velvet Corner, provides Kraig with some advice on how to make a smooth transition in the town, and indicates that the populace is favourably disposed towards the knight-captain who defied the baron’s orders – Terrion Numesti. She warns them about Quintessa Maray, saying she believes there is more to her story about being an exiled noble from Galt than she lets on.

Alys and Kraig speak to Quintessa and confront her on her story. Under duress, Quintessa admits that she is not, in fact, a noble. She claims she took the name Maray and attempted to pass herself off as noble in order to be accepted into a bard college in the city of Edme. She left Edme years ago as the fires of revolutionary zeal rose yet again in the beleaguered city, and has been inhabiting the River Kingdoms ever since. She had hoped to make a new life for herself in Fort Drelev, possibly convincing the baron to provide the funds necessary to start a bard college of her own in the city. Alys insists on using magic to determine whether Quintessa means to harm Zelenoy or the citizens of Fort Drelev. Quintessa agrees, and Alys and Kraig are satisfied when her response to questioning under magical compulsion does not indicate an intention to bring harm or violence.

Baron Hannis Drelev and Baroness Pavetta Stroon-Drelev are tried and executed four days after their capture. Knight-captain Terrion Numesti, newly appointed viceroy of the city, is anxious to save his daughter Tamary from the Tiger Lords. The Greenlords, meanwhile, have been studying the keep’s library and Imeckus Stroon’s notes regarding the Tiger Lords. According to Imeckus’ notes, the Tiger Lords refer to their leader as Armag the Twice-Born, named after a legendary figure in the Tiger Lords’ history. In the earliest days of the Tiger Lords, the mighty warlord Armag led his people out of the Realm of the Mammoth Lords and into southeast Numeria. They clashed repeatedly with other barbarian tribes, eventually pushing through the Rostland plains to clash against the Iobarian warlords and centaur tribes of Casmaron in the east. These conflicts hardened Armag, forging him into a timeless champion who earned the direct favour of Gorum, the Iron Lord and God of War.

Pride was Armag’s weakness. He boasted he would live forever – that death herself could never slay him. The legends tell that Pharasma heard his boasts and was offended. She sent powerful minions, aeons of the Boneyard, to aid Armag’s enemies or lay him low on the battlefield. This angered Gorum, who had come to enjoy Armag’s audacity and brutal nature, and as Armag fought his enemies on the material plane, Gorum and Pharasma waged their own battles in the Great Beyond over the ultimate fate of Armag’s soul. When Armag finally fell on the field of battle, laid low by a mighty red dragon, Gorum intervened and infused Armag’s soul into the sword Ovinrbaane (enemy of all enemies), preventing his soul from entering the Boneyard. The stories continue and say that Gorum then sent visions to a Tiger Lord shaman called Zorek, inspiring him to construct a fitting tomb for the Iron Lord’s champion. Gorum elevated Zorek to the status of divine guardian of the tomb, charging him with defending the barbarian lord’s final resting place against enemies and keeping Armag’s soul out of Pharasma’s reach. Pharasma, in her own inscrutable way, brooded for centuries and then lost interest.

And so the legend of Armag has been passed from generation to generation, becoming another obscure myth, until recently. Maps in the library, and Imeckus’ detailed notes, indicate that the current Tiger Lord, so-called Armag the Twice-Born, believes to have discovered the tomb of the original Armag with the assistance of the Black Sisters, and is camped there with a small contingent of his tribe, seeking the sword Ovinrbaane, convinced that he is the second coming of Gorum’s champion.

Following the clues in Imeckus’ notes and maps, the Greenlords strike north, intent on finding Armag at the tomb, rescuing the imprisoned women, and hopefully eliminating the threat the ambitious barbarian lord presents to the stability of the region. If they discover the tomb of the legendary original Armag in the process… so be it. They encounter a small pride of hostile chimerae on the journey north, but deal with the beasts without issue. After a few days of exploration and travel in the rugged hills north of Fort Drelev, the Greenlords discover Armag’s camp, located at the edge of the forest against the side of a 50-foot cliff. Using magic to infiltrate the camp, the group teleports the five Drelev hostages out of the area before taking the rest of the camp – guarded by twelve barbarian tribesfolk – by surprise. The Tiger Lords are blindsided by the attack and have little time to mount a defence. The Greenlords spend no time exploring the camp before heading down a tunnel leading into the side of the cliff face. The rough tunnel soon gives way to smooth, pale stone heavy with veins of iron ore the colour of dried blood. Sixty feet into the tunnel the Greenlords hear a soft female voice intoning the words of a spell before suddenly being enveloped in a thick, heavy mist.

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