The Iron Wraiths

Dwarf adventuring company


The Iron Wraiths are a company of heavily-armoured, highly skilled and professional dwarves. They have been granted a charter to explore the western-most reaches of the Stolen Lands and make contact with the River Kingdom realm of Pitax. The Iron Wraiths are currently five members:

Ordrimmur Thaast
Male dwarf fighter, late 80s
Black hair with a streak of red. Black beard; jagged scar from left side of forehead across nose to right cheek. Severe expression.

Bal Immdrirr
Male dwarf inquisitor or Torag, mid-80s
Dark brown, close-cropped hair and full beard. Slim for a male dwarf, almost svelte.

Havlar Azzak
Male dwarf bard (archaeologist), mid-50s
Red of face, looks winded and/or drunk (although he isn’t, generally). Ash brown hair, braided beard. Havlar is the most talkative, and friendliest, of the Iron Wraiths.

Ridil Ovsten
Female dwarf ranger/rogue, early 60s
Auburn, almost red hair, with a light peach fuzz on her face. After Havlar, Ridil is probably the most approachable of the Iron Wraiths, although she doesn’t suffer fools.

Urif Tharad
Male dwarf fighter/cleric of Torag, early 70s
Prematurely grey. Long hair and well-kept beard. Keeps a close eye on Bal, the inquisitor.


The Iron Wraiths

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