Sootscale kobold, former prisoner of the Old Sycamore mites


Male kobold
Mikmek was discovered bound and gagged, suffering under the torturous ministrations of the foul mites lairing under the Old Sycamore tree. Kraig the half-orc took some pity on Mikmek and rescued the pitiful creature after slaying the gang of mites torturing him. Nisha and Alys assisted in aiding the kobold, and Mikmek was uncharacteristically grateful, practically slavering over the mighty big folk who saved him from his sworn enemy. Mikmek insisted the party help him retrieve the statue of Old Sharptooth – an idol to some demonic god that is apparently the patron of the Sootscale kobolds – from the mite chief, and return it to Tartuk, the kobold tribe’s shaman.



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