Lords of the Green

War of the River Kings - Sessions 56 and 57

16 to 21 Sarenith, 4727 AR

  • The Greenlords return to Winter’s Gate with Evindra. Back in Zelenoy they receive grim news – Councillor Svetlana has been murdered and the suspect, the Lady Quintessa Maray, has fled. The group raises their long time friend Svetlana and learn that she was attacked and killed by Maray after she confronted the bard on the ambush at Whiterose Abbey.
  • Incensed by Maray’s treachery and the escalating war with Pitax, the Greenlords decide to bring the battle straight to King Irovetti’s doorstep. Nisha continues to harry and vex the advancing armies of Pitax, while the rest of the Greenlords ensure defenses are in place for when the armies eventually reach Black Dragon’s Rest. With the nation ready to meet its aggressors, the Greenlords teleport directly into Irovetti’s throne room in the so-called House of a Hundred Doors based on eyewitness accounts from captured Pitax wardens.
  • The Greenlords materialize into the throne room in the pre-dawn hours of the 21st of Sarenith. Despite the hour the room is manned by several wardens and troll guards. Battle is joined, and the sound of ringing steel and fiery magic echoes throughout the palace. An alarm is sounded, and the Greenlords face wave after wave of Pitaxian guards. Alys uses powerful magic to pinpoint the exact location of Irovetti’s Numerian artifacts – somewhere under the palace and to the south – and the group begins to fight its way there. While cutting their way through troll guards, wardens, and heralds, the Greenlords come up against a couple of Irovetti’s generals – the ogre mage Avinash Jurgg and a raging axe-wielding barbarian (a sibling or cousin to Villamore Koth by the look of him). In response to the ramped up defense, Nisha the witch summons unlikely assistance in the form of an osyluth, or bone devil. The devil’s presence unsettles many of the combatants (including the Greenlords), but the battle continues as the Greenlords attempt to advance deeper into the palace.

Session 56 XP



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