Lords of the Green

War of the River Kings - Session 58 and 59

21 Sarenith, 4727 AR

The Greenlords press on through Irovetti’s maze-like palace. Irovetti’s defenders, the oni General Avinash Jurgg, the barbarian cousin of Villamore Koth, a weretiger rogue that shreds ribbons from Kreeger’s flesh, and a sadistic gargoyle all fall to the Greenlords blades and spells. The remaining wardens and heralds in the palace wisely give the Greenlords a wide berth. One of the heralds points the group to the stairs leading to Irovetti’s personal chambers underneath the palace.

There, the Greenlords directly confront King Castruccio Irovetti of Pitax. His bedchamber is opulent – festooned with lush silk and brocade, inlaid ebony and rosewood, and lit by gilded and filigreed lanterns. West of the bedchamber lies a placid pool that reflects warm lantern light throughout the space. Within that area the Greenlords wage a final battle with Irovetti and his consort, a vile spirit naga that originally takes the form of a green-skinned fey woman with indigo hair before reverting to her natural state. Irovetti’s deception magic and skills at duping combatants into believing they should be fighting for him fail miserably against the Greenlords. Although Irovetti is invisible for much of the encounter, the Greenlords manage to zero in on his location quickly between Mistral’s magic and Kraig’s keen blind-fighting abilities. Irovetti and the naga are no match for the superior might of the Greenlords, and the bard-king finally throws down his Numerian weapons and begs for mercy at the end.

The Greenlords exit the palace in the pre-dawn hours with Irovetti in chains. Queen Alys of Zelenoy rises above the city of Pitax and announces Irovetti’s surrender as the sun crests the eastern horizon, illuminating the aasimar in a nimbus of celestial light. Alys declares the city free from the yoke of the Liar-King, and as the sun rises the long shadows blanketing Pitax grow shorter and shorter until they disappear. The citizenry, for their part, are nervous, peeking out of doors and windows but hesitant to venture out. Pitax has no shortage of skilled orators, and the folk here are used to posturing and grand displays. As Irovetti is escorted from the city to Zelenoy, the Greenlords come to realize that they will have some work to do if they wish to bring Pitax under their kingdom’s wing.

The Greenlords return to Black Dragon’s Rest after Pitax’s hasty liberation, mindful of the fact that a sizeable army of battle-ready Tiger Lord barbarians waits camped outside the city’s gates. With Irovetti on display, the Greenlords parlay with the horde’s leader, none other than the dour Villamore Koth. Villamore seems nonplussed when confronted with Irovetti’s defeat, brushing aside the former king’s capture as a likely end for a liar and a thief. Koth insists his army is no mere band of mercenaries or city militia. His Tiger Lords crave battle and blood, and follow only strength. Koth sees no reason to deny the horde blood or the ring of steel when it is so close.

Session 59 Treasure
Session 59 XP



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