Lords of the Green

Sound of a Thousand Screams - Session 61

3 Erastus, 4727 AR, to 2 Rova, 4730 AR

The Greenlords confront Minognos-Ushad in her mountain lair and overwhelm the great beast with superior numbers and power. The ancient wyvern is defeated, and her massive head put on display in the halls of Winter’s Gate.

Time passes. Seasons turn into years. Zelenoy settles into a period of relative peace. Relations with Pitax improve, and city becomes a vassal of Zelenoy.

Alys and Maegar spend some much needed time together. A second daughter is born to the queen and king of Zelenoy. The child’s aasimar heritage, perhaps touched by the fey influences in the region, are clear.

Torgrim courts Grand Diplomat Singer. The two dwarves clean the troll stink out of the old dwarven outpost in the southern Greenbelt and begin mining there anew. Singer proves unusually fertile, or Torgrim quite verile, and the couple have one son with another child on the way.

Nisha establishes her base at Whiterose Abbey, where she is free to conduct her research and experiments in relative secret (and out of Alys’ sight). A friend of Kraig’s begins renewing the vineyards around the abbey, and generally stays out of Nisha’s way.

Kreeger makes regular vists to Nisha at the abbey. The half-orc fighter and tiefling witch strike up an unlikely friendship, or at least an arrangement of sorts. Following his visits to Nisha, Kreeger often goes missing for weeks at a time. Reports from Hillstomper and northern border patrols claim that Kreeger is sometimes spotted amongst the bands of Tiger Lord barbarians near the Numerian border.

Kraig visits Delphos Hasara, his mentor and leader of the cavalier Order of the Dragon in the northeast Inner Sea region. Kraig challenges Hasara for the post, a duty the old warrior is only too happy to cede to the half-orc. The order’s main chapter house is moved to Olegstaadt, where Kraig begins training new recruits.

Mistral spends his time researching spells, perusing lore on Numerian technologies, and delving into studies on the First World. Mistral is not entirely convinced that the self-styled nymph queen Nyrissa has turned her attentions from the Stolen Lands. The sylph travels far and wide gathering information – from Absalom to Kyonin, Cheliax to northern Irrisen.

Yetar establishes spy networks in Pitax and begins to cultivate agents in foreign nations. Mostly, however, he obsesses over finding his betrayer, Lady Quintessa Maray. He finds no sign or word of the beautiful bard, but with some help from Nisha determines that Maray has been removed somehow from the Material Plane and resides somewhere out of time, a demiplane or space that exists in the future, past, and present.

Finally, on the 1st of Rova, the first day of autumn, Zelenoy’s peace is broken. A fisherman arrives in Winter’s Gate speaking of a great vortex in Tuskwater Lake, surrounded by hundreds of black swans. The following day dawns clear, and from the castle parapets the Greenlords can see the vortex in the distance, a vast whirlpool at least 500 feet across. Divination magic suggests creatures reside at the edges of the pool – huge elementals of some sort. Something is brewing….

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